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Looking younger and more beautiful is easier than you think!  In this book, former beauty pageant queens and international models Marita and Mimina Meza share their best beauty secrets, tips, tricks, and recipes for looking and feeling your best—at any age.  Find out what really works for fighting wrinkles, getting whiter teeth, and reducing cellulite.  And just as important, learn whether your current self-care routine is doing more harm than good!

Organized like a cookbook for your self-care routine, this book covers full-body beauty solutions and recipes, from face and neck, to hair, to breasts, and feet. Insider advice from beauty experts Marita and Mimina Meza will soon have you looking 20 years younger and more beautiful!

The Meza twins want you to stop wasting money on expensive beauty products that contain harmful chemicals when it’s easier, safer, and less expensive to make your own products at home.  This book will show you how.  The twins have been using these recipes for years, and it’s hard to believe they are in their fifties!

Although this book focuses on external beauty, you will learn how the cornerstone of beauty is internal heath.  The twins share simple, all-natural ways to better support your immune system, ward off diseases, improve your energy level, and boost your overall health.

About the Authors

Marita and Mimina Meza are identical twins and best friends.  They grew up in Venezuela and have been modeling since they were 12 years old, booking international print campaigns, commercials, and more.  They were also very successful in the beauty pageant world, with Marita winning many pageants all over the world, including being the second runner up in the Miss Hawaiian Tropic pageant.

Over the years, the Meza twins learned a wealth of knowledge about taking care of their bodies.  They learned beauty insider tips and tricks for using affordable, natural ingredients as beauty and wellness products, putting them to the test for themselves, creating masks, creams, and scrubs.  The results are remarkable, and people are routinely astonished to learn they are in their fifties.  The twins decided to share their beauty rituals and recipes to help all women feel beautiful and show that self-care doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.

In addition to becoming authors, Marita and Mimina are dedicated to helping others through their family foundation, Fundación Solidarios con Venezuela.  Mimina also works in the hospitality industry as a concierge for a high-end hotel.  You can find the twins out and about in Miami—usually with their six chihuahuas in tow!

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A Note from Marita and Mimina

Being from Venezuela, our home country has been going through very tough times.  Growing up, we lived a beautiful life.  But now the supermarket shelves are empty, hospitals don’t have medicine, and people don’t have access to basic necessities like toilet paper.  This reality has absolutely broken our hearts.  We are safe living in the United States, but we couldn’t sleep at night thinking of our family, friends, and everyone else back home suffering.  We decided to create a family foundation to help, called Fundación Solidarios con Venezuela.

Every month, we deliver food, medicine, and supplies to people and animals in need within the Andes region.  If you want to help, please consider donating directly, and buy our book when it comes out, as a portion of all sales will go to the foundation.


Marita and Mimina


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